How to be truly unf*ckwithable?

How to be truly unf*ckwithable?



What are the consequences if you are not unf*ckwithable?

Before getting into the discussion I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

👎Are you bothered by  what others think about you? 

👎If someone didn’t text you or check on you back and you wonder what you did wrong? 

 👎Do you restrict yourself from doing something new just because you fear what society and the world might think about you?

 👎You tried something new and nobody praised you. 

👎Are you into pleasing people just because you are afraid of losing them or feeling alone? 

 👎 Do you always get bogged down always when you see your friends and colleagues progressing at a faster rate than you? 

👎Are you afraid of getting left in the dust? 

These are signs of tiny blows which eats off your confidence in the long run. And the reason they have such a big effect is because you ‘re seeking external approval. 
You don’t feel whole. You place your worth in hands of others and only feel good enough when you are accepted, praised and admired. 
In other words
You’re f*ckwithable.

Look we all have a natural craving for seeking validation.

 Being unfuckwithable 

Praise seeking

But if you are interested you can break free…  You can become unfuckwithable. 
Truly unfuckwithable

Step1: Have goals which are  (self fueled) rather not fueled by others. What does this mean? If your goal is to  get particular people to love you, to accept you, to praise you ,you give your power away to them. You are at mercy of others. 
So instead of receiving always, lets be grateful for what we have. And start giving back the world in return. Your goal should be to bring  as much as energy, love and enthusiasm as you can to the lives of those around you. 
Then you’re unfuckwithable. Oh, how does this work? It’s because you are always in control of giving . You are in control of giving love, energy, enthusiasm and nobody can take this away from you. Any love or acceptance you get in return is just a bonus. 
Self fueled goals


Step2 : You’re are enough. ‘You are enough,  you  were always enough, you always will be enough’.

When you internalize this, you don’t need to depend on others for validation. 
Being unf*ckwithable means whatever you are doing is best and you are good enough. No changes, no upgrades or tweaks required. 

Conclusion :

Unf*ckwithable means to become immune to praise and criticism and have self fueled goals. Which are not based on decision of others.

           Thank you for reading. 

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